Foods and Hair Loss: Provillus Reviews


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Foods and Hair Loss

Having thick, shining and generally great hair is something that all people would want. Unfortunately, not everyone can have it. Hair loss is actually more common in men than women. And because of the chemical difference between the male and female, Provillus was formulated for both the men and the women. There are so many reasons why a person experiences hair loss. Among these causes are stress, hormonal imbalance, underlying illness and hair abuse. Genetics also play a major role in hair loss. You would be surprised to note that foods and hair loss also have a direct relationship. Depending on the food you eat, hair loss can be avoided or worsened.

Since protein is the primary component of hair, eating foods rich in it will certainly stimulate hair growth. Hair loss foods that are protein-rich include soy milk and tofu as well as eggs, fish, yogurt and low-fat cheese.

Other hair loss foods are rich in vitamins A, C and E. Samples of Vitamin A hair loss foods include turnips, mustard, peanuts and soybean. Vitamin C is best for the absorption of iron and hair loss foods rich in this vitamin include vegetables and fruits. On the other hand, Vitamin E-rich hair loss foods can promote healthy hair and they include avocados, seeds, olive oil and nuts.

Of course, if there are foods that can help you prevent hair loss, there are also foods which can worsen your condition. If you are already experiencing hair loss, you should avoid eating fatty foods, sweets and sugary drinks.

As you may know by now, malnutrition can also cause your hair to fall out and you should make sure that you are properly nourished. If your lifestyle does not permit you to follow a balanced diet, food supplements rich in iron, zinc and vitamins can help you.

Hair loss that is hereditary can be slowed down by choosing a low-fat diet. Since there are studies that show the relationship of hair loss and high testosterone levels, you should try to avoid a meat-based and high-fat diet.

Other hair loss foods that you should include in your diet are dried fruits, raw oats and green, leafy vegetables. These foods are actually rich in calcium and minerals that can help reduce and even prevent dramatic hair loss.

Now that you have learned about the relationship between foods and hair loss; maybe it is time to take a look at what you been eating and start making changes. Even if your hair loss is temporary, you should still take it seriously. To complement a healthy diet rich in hair loss foods, you should also try using hair loss products such as Provillus or Minoxidil.

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