Hair Loss Remedies that Work: Provillus


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Hair Loss Remedies that Work: Provillus

You have to admit that tour thinning hair is beginning to embarrass you. Hair loss can be a problem and sometimes it can be scary, especially if you are beginning to develop a balding spot in your head. Here are a few hair loss remedies that could help you treat that hair problem.

Natural Remedies

Although there is no guarantee that any method can prevent excessive loss of hair, some natural hair loss remedies are believed to help. One hair loss remedy is massaging. Massaging the scalp can not just stimulate blood flow but also hair growth. Aroma therapists massage onto the scalp essential oils with a few drops of lavender and leave it to sit for around 20 minutes for hair growth stimulation.

Going Herbal: Provillus

Extracts of Saw Palmetto may be used to balance androgen (male hormone) levels in men but women undergoing hormonal therapy or on oral birth control may not use this treatment. Rosemary and sage could be used as hair loss remedies when boiled with peach leaf, nettle and burdock. The liquid can be used to daily wash the hair. Nettle root extracts, in themselves, are rich in vitamin a, vitamin c and other lipids and minerals that are very beneficial for human hair. The extract has been used in Europe successfully.

Provillus can be considered as an herbal hair loss treatment. It contains a proprietary blend of herbs such as nettle leaf, pumpkin seed, uva-ursi, eleuthero root, saw palmetto, etc... Provillus also contains vital nutrients such as vitamin B6, biotin, and zinc. Provillus was formulated specifically for men and women each containing unique ingredients for each gender.

Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera, and Henna, among many others are great hair loss remedies. These three can heal damaged scalps and restore them. These hair loss remedies cannot just promote hair growth but also reduce and prevent dandruff.

Medicinal Treatment

First of all, if you are losing hair because of an illness, the best hair loss remedy for you is to cure that illness. For other causes that you deem need medicinal help, there are certain hair loss remedies that come in the form of pills. Minoxidil is a medicine for both men and women that is used to grow hair in thinning areas or bald spots. This hair loss remedy is rubbed directly onto the scalp. A pill called Finasteride can be taken once daily by men to block testosterone effect on the growth of their hair. The medicine is not used by women.


If the hair loss is really severe, people may use this hair loss remedy. Hair restoration procedure could be a last resort, as the result could appear odd. Scalp rotation, more effective in children, is a procedure where a piece of healthier scalp is moved to problem areas.

These hair loss remedies may work for you as long as you are certain about the reason behind your hair loss. To be sure, it would be best if you would consult a physician.

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