Hair Loss Restoration Procedure: Buy Provillus


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Hair Loss Restoration Procedure

Restoring your hair to its natural glory might not be as easy as using a shampoo or applying a topical solution in the problem area. in cases where these hair loss treatments no longer work, hair loss restoration might just do the trick. Before you shop for a hair loss restoration clinic, you should at least understand the procedure involved.

Before the Procedure

Usually, you will be first asked a set of questions in order to determine whether or not you are qualified for a hair loss restoration procedure. You will then be asked to sign medical consent forms that will show your understanding of the entire procedure. After, your photograph will be taken in order to document your pre-surgery look. You might also be tested for any allergies and questioned about your family’s medical history.

During the Procedure

The entire follicular unit transplantation might involve many hours. A transplant of 1500 grafts usually takes an average of 6 hours. If you chose a hair loss restoration procedure that will involve 2000-2500, it might take twice as much time. During the procedure, you will be given anesthetics and may even be put to sleep. A team of experts will ensure that the procedure will go smoothly.

After the Procedure

As soon as the hair loss restoration surgery is over, you will be asked to sleep with elevated pillows. In most instances, patients of hair loss restoration procedure are given pain medication to help them sleep through the first night after the surgery. In the morning, you will need to cleanse your newly-transplanted hair using your doctor-prescribed shampoo. You should not worry about dislodging your transplant. After a few days of following strict post-op guidelines, you will be delighted with the naturalness of your transplant.

Because the hair loss restoration procedure requires skill and experience, you should be very careful when choosing a transplantation surgeon. It will also be wise to shop around and compare rates and do not hesitate to ask any questions. Your doctor should be able to explain to you in detail what the entire hair loss restoration procedure and address your concerns professionally.

Choosing a to undergo hair loss surgery should be your last option. There are many other forms of hair restoration available. Hair loss products, such as Provillus, allow one to stop hair loss and begin the process of hair regrowth. Visit Provillus and you can begin the fight against hair loss!

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