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Hair Loss Shampoos

Do you have thinning hair or a bald spot that is beginning to be embarrassing? Perhaps you are looking for a shampoo for hair loss that can help you get rid of this problem. The question is: Do these hair loss shampoos really work? Let us first discuss what these so-called hair loss shampoos are and what they promise to give you.

Shampoos for hair loss are shampoos that are created and designed to remedy thinning hair. What these shampoos do first is to restore damaged scalp to its healthy condition and maintain this healthy condition, making the scalp ideal again for healthy hair growth. The shampoos are intended to maintain the scalps vitality, as well as repair dysfunctional hair follicles and improve them.

Hair loss shampoos contain nutrients that are essential for the scalp and follicles. These nutrients help balance the hormones that could be the possible cause of hair loss. They also remove the dead skin and sebum (or scalp oil) that could be clogging hair follicles to allow the nutrients to be absorbed.

After working on the scalp follicles, shampoos for hair loss then stimulate hair growth with the amino acids and other nutrients and minerals they contain. Some even contain the same elements such as saw palmetto or green tea extracts that are also used as natural or herbal remedies for hair loss. These minerals vary in every shampoo, but they all promise one thing: A healthier scalp with stronger, thicker hair.

Shampoos for hair loss are available to be ordered online. Most of them tend to be more expensive than normal shampoos as they do promise customer satisfaction.

Advecia is one of those hair loss shampoos that have a high review for customer satisfaction. It is a bit expensive but the product promises no side effects, guarantees full effect within 180 days or six months and can be used by both men and women. Nisim is hair loss shampoo that is relatively-cheaper. It is herbal based and can also be used by both men and women.

There are some that can be used for by men only, like Procerin. It is designed to control the androgen DHT in men that prevents proper hair growth.

The only guarantee if hair loss shampoos work is an actual proof of hair growth. It is advised to consult an expert on which product will be best for you.

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