Tips For Healthier Hair : Varous Tips to Prevent Hair Loss.

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Hair Loss Tips

1. Air Dry if Possible
Using a hair dryer, especially with heat, is damaging to the hair. This also causes a loss of moisture making the hair look dry and unhealthy. When using a towel to dry your hair, pat dry it. Do not vigorously dry your hair with a towel which can cause unnecessary damage. If you must use a blow dryer, select cool air and focus on drying the scalp not the tips of the hair. This will prevent split ends.

2. Stay Natural
If you shop the aisles today for hair products, they are virtually unlimited. Gels, mousse, colors, chemicals etc... For optimum healthy hair, it is always best to stay away from these products and treatments if possible. Most contain unwanted chemicals and additives that rob your hair of its nutrients and moisture.

3. Examine your Combs and Brushes
Combs and brushes with narrow or sharp teeth can irritate your scalp and damage hair. Use combs that have wide teeth and smooth ends. This is a simple way to protect your head and your hair.

4. How's Your Protein?
Protein is essential for healthy hair as it is the primary building block. Hair is over 85% of protein, so obviously eating a protein rich diet is recommended, check out our article foods and hair loss. A home remedy for healthy hair is to use whipped egg yolk on the hair at least once a week. Leave it for about 20 - 30 minutes on the hair just before you take a shower. There is no greater source of protein. Give it a try, it won�t hurt.

5. Reduce Sun Exposure
In the same way it can damage the skin, over exposure to the sun can also damage your hair. Try to stay out of the sun for long periods of time. If you must be out and about, wear a hat or some kind of protective covering for your head. You can also apply a conditioner to your hair that contains some sort of sunblock to protect your head against the sun's rays. Stay out of the sun at its peak time, 10 - 2pm when the rays are its most potent.

These are just a few tips ways to fight back at unwanted hair loss. If you want to be proactive and thorough about dealing with hair loss you need a product that focuses on the root of the issue. Provillus Treatment blocks excess DHT production while at the same time supplements your scalp and hair with the key nutrients it needs to prevent hair loss and begin regrowing hair. Try Provillus today!

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