Middle Age and Hair Loss: Provillus


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Middle Age and Hair Loss: Provillus

As you quickly approach your 40th birthday you begin to see that your hair is starting to thin out all around your head or just on top. This isn’t something that should be happening to you, your brother or husband yes but not to you, a healthy middle aged woman. Middle aged hair loss isn’t just for men. Many healthy middle aged women are also affected by middle age hair loss no matter how much we want to think it is just for me. There are many ways to fight against middle aged hair loss in women and win to keep our hair from getting any thinner.

Menopause is one of the major reasons healthy women who are middle aged experience the onset of thinning and losing their hair. The hormonal imbalances that occur during menopause and also as you approach middle age can really cause an undue amount of stress on a woman and on her hair. This type of stress can cause a normally healthy middle age woman experience middle age hair loss just like her husband or her brother would. Although this is a very scary for a woman who’s usually shinning glory, her hair, is beginning to thin out it is something that can be dealt with.

Genetics can also play a role in middle age hair loss for healthy middle aged women. Just as a man usually losses his hair because his father or mother had middle age hair loss so can a woman. Although many woman only experience middle age hair loss on the top or back of their head it can still be linked to genetic make up.

Just as men have many different products to help them control their middle age hair loss there are also many products available for women. A lot of the products that are available for men are also made for women, such as a product called Provillus for Women. Provillus contains minoxidil which is something that has been proven to help hair re-growth over time in many people.

Women can also speak to their doctors about hormone treatments which can help balance out your hormones back to a more normal setting. This will help your middle age hair loss to stop and assist in helping you re-grow some of the hair you have already lost over time. You can also ask your doctor about vitamin deficiencies and what you can do to correct them if you have them.

Remember that middle age hair loss in women is rather common. Talk to your doctor if you feel your hair is becoming thinner. Getting a quick start on it will help to prevent future loss of hair.

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