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Natural Hair Loss Product

When looking for a natural hair loss product you first need to understand some of the more popular ingredients used in these products. By far, four of the most widely used natural ingredients are nettle root, saw palmetto, pumpkin extract, and uva ursi. If you're looking for simple tips for your hair read our article hair loss tips.

Nettle Root has the ability to inhibit hormones to convert to DHT, the sole culprit of male pattern baldness. It is usually the key herb that blocks the production of DHT. Many natural hair loss treatments carry this ingredient.

Saw Palmetto is probably the most widely used herb in all natural hair loss products. It also has the ability to block the production of DHT through prostate health support. The one drawback about saw palmetto is that it doesn't help protect hair loss in women.

Pumpkin extract is a lesser known substance that also supports strong and full-bodied hair as a supplement. The key component here is the oil from the pumpkin seeds. Only a handful of hair care products for hair loss use this.

The last ingredient is called uva-ursi. It is primarily used for urinary tract or bladder infections. However, this can also be indirectly beneficial for hair growth by reducing bloating and water retention.

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