Nioxin and Provillus

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Nioxin and Provillus a Unique Combination

Another product in a long line of hair loss treatment products that claim to decrease the creation of DHT, Nioxin shampoo is another one of those such items. This article discusses the basics of Nioxin, and how in combination with Provillus can be a double whammy against hair loss!

The Nioxin hair loss treatment shampoo is completely dedicated to decreasing the production of DHT hormone in the body, which, as many, many other products have stated, is one of the major causes of male pattern baldness, as well as the female pattern baldness we are now seeing. While the line may claim to actually create fuller and thicker hair, while also stopping the loss of hair, the truth is that those claims are a little lofty for Nioxin.

While it is true that Nioxin is able to help maintain the current hair one has, it is very difficult for a product to continue to grow new hair on a permanent basis. Thankfully, this product does keep the current hair looking thick and full.

So, now it's time to take a look at what exactly Nioxin is able to do. Nioxin's shampoo takes away the build-up around the follicles that normal shampoos leave behind, then also use menthol action to help relieve the scalp. In fact, in treatment, participants have stated that the shampoo is incredibly refreshing and feels tingly, as well as smelling quite minty. Not only can you feel the product working near immediately, but you also might see some skin redness, as that is caused by increased circulation, which also encourages growth.

It is this tingling and redness that also should concern those interested in using Nioxin, though, as those who have very sensitive skin may easily find the tingly sensation to actually much more uncomfortable. The reddening of the skin may also concern you, but the fact is that since it begins to disappate with continued use of the product, there isn't a reason to worry.

Another side effect of the product that may be alarming but is perfectly safe would be the increased hair shedding when you first begin using Nioxin, which happens because the shampoo is completely clearing out the follicles. This way, by flushing out gunked up follicles, the newer growth will look healthy and stay healthy. Another thing to keep in mind is that when using Nioxin, it isn't a good idea to use other products with it. The build-up in your hair is from other hair products and by continuing to use them with Nioxin, you undo all of the good you'd done.

Finally, Nioxin is much quicker than some of its counterparts, and tends to show completely satisfactory results within three months. The best benefit of this particular product is definitely the thickness increase and the way it helps to maintain your current hair. So go ahead try Nioxin with Provillus Hair Loss Solution, and take back the hair that is rightfully yours!

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