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Minoxidil - Key Provillus Ingredient

What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is the first drug that is approved for the treatment of hair loss. Numerous generic forms of minoxidil have become available to treat hair loss while the oral form is only used to treat high blood pressure. It used for and to stimulate the hair growth in mass people and thus become popular among them. Apart from that the oral form of minoxidil was developed targeting high blood pressure treatment. Minoxidil is one of the only FDA approved treatments for hair loss and is a key ingredient in Provillus combo solution.

Considerations before Use

People with allergic reactions should not take minoxidil. It is also wise to consult a doctor prior to using minoxidil for people who are also using petroleum jelly products in treatment to cure their hair loss problem. Use of petroleum jelly products adversely affects the impact of minoxidil. And as usual people have skin diseases or problems of rash and breast feeding mothers, must consult with the physicians prior to taking minoxidil. Please keep in mind apart from all other generic forms available in the market, only the oral forms of minoxidil is used by the instruction of a doctor. Use of excessive minoxidil for hair growth treatment may cause hypertension.


Some 2 to 5 percent solutions are available in the stores for treating hair loss. The use of minoxidil for hair loss treatment is applying it wide amounts and spread over the bald head or affected area. Again, oral forms must be taken as per your doctor’s instruction.

Preconditions for Use

Preparation for using minoxidil is very easy; get your bald head cleaned.

How to use Minoxidil

It is always better to wash your hands after applying a minixodil solutions. Please maintain strictness while applying minixodil only to that portion of your body where hair growth is needed. If it is used in wrong place of your body, you might experience hair growth there. To remove the wetness of the minixodil solution never use the hair dryer! Provillus comes with a topical solution containing Minoxidil and oral tablet for maximum effectiveness.

Side Effects

Skin itching and irritations are commonly observed though may not be referred to as high risk. But those people taking the oral form of minoxidil for blood pressure treatment have certain risks association with it’s use such as visual impairment, pain in the chest, low blood pressure, reduced sexual desire, some skin problems, headache etc.

The impact of using minoxidil vary on the duration of its use, firstly the grown hairs may be thin, at next stage of continuous using the impacts are observed in expediting rate through out the period. And once you stop using the minoxidil, you might lose the hairs again in 90 days. For some people the regrown hair may vary in its color and health than previous hairs, but it does not prevail. Minoxidil must not be treated as permanent solution to hair loss, it is a preventive medicine.

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