Women and Hair loss: Provillus

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Hair Loss & Women

Everybody knows how important a woman’s hair is important to a woman’s appearance. Because hair loss has been more commonly associated with men, women’s hair loss has been given less attention. Hair loss for women should not be taken for granted. Causes of hair loss for women may often be simple and treatable or temporary, but sometimes this can also be a sign of an underlying illness that can be as serious as lupus or diabetes. Below is a brief, clear and helpful discussion of hair loss for women.

Types & Causes of Hair Loss for Women

Hair loss for women may be temporary but it could also be sometimes serious and permanent, depending on its cause. The degree of lost hair may range from almost none to a very severe loss, sometimes in the front part of the head. For women, this situation could be very embarrassing.

Hormonal imbalance is the one of the most common causes of hair loss for women. This hormonal imbalance could be caused by an under-active or overactive thyroid gland. Pregnancy and, at times, an imbalance between estrogen levels (the female hormone) and androgen levels (male hormones) are also likely causes of hair loss.

Stress caused by a major surgery or an illness, malnutrition, certain infections, from a simple fungal infection in the scalp to severe infections, major stress, and giving birth to a child are also causes of hair loss for women. Traction Alopecia, or gradual hair loss due to pulling of the hair, may be caused by pulling your hair too tight in pig tails, braiding, cornrows, tight rollers and other styling methods.

Medicines such as those used in chemotherapy and blood thinners, also called coagulants, cause hair loss for women, as well for men. Using birth control pills can also cause a woman’s hair to fall out.

Treatment for Women and Hair Loss

Hair loss for women that is caused by hormonal imbalance is often temporary, and hair should return to normal after a few months as soon as hormone levels return to normal. Women stop losing hair when they stop the intake of hair loss-causing medicines. Ceasing to pull the hair too hard, before it causes scarring in the scalp, may reduce the risk of permanent hair loss for women. There are shampoos, medicines, and other treatments designed for women’s hair loss. One natural product designed specifically for women, unlike other generic brands, is Provillus. Provillus for women is made to address a woman's head and hair. If you suspect you hair situation to be serious, it is advised that you seek medical attention for diagnosis and proper treatment.

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